Vero Beach Tooth Restoration Experts

Professional Tooth Restoration Services in Vero Beach

Tooth damage or loss not only has a significant impact on the way you look but also on your dental health. One of the ways you can smile with confidence again is to have your teeth replaced or restored. Our dentists want you to have great results, so they use the best materials available when they repair any of your front or back teeth.

If your teeth are badly decayed or broken, then crowns may be exactly what you need. They can be used to restore your teeth and give you your smile back. Your smile will always look natural when you visit the Vero Beach Dental Group. That’s because our lab is equipped with the latest innovations in dental materials.

When you have missing teeth, it can be difficult to eat your meals. The good news is that your missing teeth can be replaced by bridges. This would allow your teeth to be functional again and restore your beautiful smile.

If you would like something that looks more life-like, then implants may be for you. They have artificial “roots” that attach your new teeth and give you a very natural-looking smile. We have a board-certified oral surgeon on our staff, so your entire dental implant procedure will be performed at Vero Beach Dental, from start to finish.

If your dentures don’t fit well and cause you pain. They can start to affect your day to day life. Your missing teeth can be replaced by removable partial and complete dentures. When you make an appointment at Ocean Oaks Dental Group, you’ll receive dentures that fit your mouth perfectly. Our dentists are able to use both dentures and implants to restore your teeth and give you a smile you’ll love.